Our 2024 races:


We're back on for 2024! We'll host the Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge on Sunday, May 19 and the Triangle Open Water Championship on Saturday, October 05, both at Vista Point.

You can sign up directly for each swim by following these links (will be active in late December 2023):
Sunday, May 19 - Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge
Saturday, October 05 - Series Championship aka The Hurricane Swim

Each event also offers a short swim that is roughly 1 kilometer.

The series kicked off in 2009 with three 1-mile swims. In 2010 we added a 4th race day in July with both a 1-mile and 2-mile option, and 2012 saw 5 events. In 2013 we returned to 3 swims. We're currently holding spring and fall events. You can receive timely updates about the series through our Facebook fan page.

Past results:

2016 overall series points

Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge
2009 Results
2010 Results
2011 Results
2012 Results
2013 Results
2014 1.2 Results
2014 2.4 Results
2015 1.2 Results
2015 2.4 Results
2016 1.2 Results
2016 2.4 Results
2017 1.2 Results
2017 2.4 Results
2018 1.2 Results
2018 2.4 Results
2018 0.6 Results

Series Championship aka The Hurricane Swim
2012 Results
2013 results
Championship 1.2 mile 2014
Championship 2.4 mile 2014
Championship 1.2 mile 2015
Championship 2.4 mile 2015
Championship 1.2 2017
Championship 2.4 2017

Inactive events: Little Uno and the Big Deuce
Little Uno 2010 Results
Big Deuce 2010 Results
Little Uno 2011 Results
Big Deuce 2011 Results
Little Uno 2012 Results
Big Deuce 2012 Results
Little Uno 2013 Results
Big Deuce 2013 Results
Little Uno 2014 Results
Big Deuce 2014 Results
Little Uno 2015 Results
Big Deuce 2015 Results
Little Uno 2016 Results
Big Deuce 2016 Results

Inactive events: The Nuclear Swim at Harris Lake:
2009 Results
2010 Results
2011 Results
2012 Results

Inactive events: 5280 Swim at Beaver Dam / Falls Lake:
2009 Results
2010 Results
2011 Results
2012 Results

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Sanctioning and insurance:

The Triangle Open Water Mile swim events are privately insured, meaning no USAT or USMS memberships is required. Anyone can swim. 13+ age groups. We can make case-by-case exceptions for strong swimmers younger than 12 to enter the shorter events.

Age limits

You must be 12 or older to compete in the 1 mile swims and 14 or older to compete in the 2 mile swims.

Wetsuit rules:

Wetsuits or neoprene swim suits will be allowed below 78 degrees. They will not be allowed/score over 78 degrees.


Entry fees are $37 or $47 until 1 month prior to the event, and $42/52 thereafter. There are transaction fees about 8% in total.


Please register through the links at the top, which will lead you to the fsseries.com secure website. Race day registration is not available for any of the swims!


No refunds or transfers, unless specifically stated by the event producers in regard to Covid-19 restrictions.

In the event of inclement weather the following procedures will be followed:

1. The event will be delayed 45 minutes in hopes the inclement weather will pass.

2. If inclement weather does not pass in 45 minutes, the swim will be cancelled. No refunds or transfers will be issued.


The top three males and females and top overall master male/female (40+) will receive overall awards. The top 3 in 5-year age-group categories will receive awards (no duplication). We do not mail or deliver awards, so if you want your award you need to stay for the awards ceremony.


Specially designed t-shirts will be given to competitors who sign up 1 week prior. We will do our best to provide t-shirts to everyone who signs up, but if you sign up in the last week we won't guarantee a t-shirt. We do not mail or deliver t-shirts after the event for any reason, so if you want a t-shirt you need to sign up in time, and attend the event.

Entry limits:

Entries are limited to the first 300 entrants per event.

Rain/Weather dates:

As a policy, there are no make-up dates. We will only cancel an event if absolutely necessary for the safety of participants. If it is feasible we will reschedule.


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Why open water?

We are big fans of open water racing and training, and while North Carolina has plenty of triathlons, we don't have a lot of organized open water races. We're happy to help change that.

Please click on the event links to the left for more information about and to sign up for each event.

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